Access Bars Consciousness

The Bars is the name of the 32 points located on our head, those are related to where we store our thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, attitudes, and ideas of these lifetimes. The things that we store at these points are our limitations that cause problems in many areas of our lives.

Access is a method that you can use to make life easier and it has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives, from insomnia, anxiety, weight loss and relationships. 

Access Bars can be a benefit to anyone; however, if you are dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep problems, ADHD or other physical or emotional problems, Access Bars could be extremely helpful to you.
The treatment consists of gentle touches to these points, aiming to clear the electromagnetic charge and release these limitations.

The points correspond to different areas of our lives, such as money, control, creativity, ageing, joy, and communication; for example, your communication might block your abundance, therefore resulting in money issues. Therefore, clearing limitations on one Bar may have positive effects on many areas of your life.
All Bars are connected to each other and we can never predict what will show up in the end.

Access Bars is a gateway to infinite possibilities.